Regional Foods of Northern Italy

This is a cookbook like no other. It evokes the essence of Northern Italy's traditional foods in a beautifully wrought amalgam of recipe and narrative. It beckons you across the wet stone of Venice's Rialto bridge into a candlelit fifteenth-century cantina. It invites you down a forest road in Umbria, where grappa-fortified fishermen toss trout onto a wood fire and stage a sunset feast. It proffers nearly two hundred recipes from the heart and soul of Italy's North, including:

• Risotto allo Zafferano Milanese • Arista! Arista! •
• Pasta delle Sfogliatrici • Pesce in Saor •
• La Salsiccia alla Moda di Lucrezia Borgia • Fegato alla Veneziana •
• Carbonada d'Enfer Arvier • Pesto di Mandorle e Noci Ferraresi •
• Pollo alla Marengo • Cialzons della Famiglia de Galateo •
• Pagnotta di Patate • Pasta e Fagioli •
• Sogliole in Gratella • Caffe alla Valdostana • Tiramisu •

This remarkable world within a book reflects the honest, authentic tastes of a people for whom food is a cardinal passion. With it in hand, you will perfume your home with the ancient and divine scents of glorious food, calling forth the ineffable essence of this land and its bounty. Let the adventure begin.

About the Author
Marlena de Blasi is an American living in Venice with her husband, Fernando. She has traveled extensively in her adopted country, stopping to savor each region's abundance. A food and wine journalist and culinary historian, her articles on food and travel have appeared in The International Herald Tribune, The St. Louis Riverfront Times, and Sacramento magazine. She is presently writing this volume's sequel, Regional Foods of Southern Italy.

Lynne Rominger is a teacher and freelance writer. An accomplished journalist, she lives in Roseville, California.

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